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Customer Communication Management (CCM) – Bridging the divide between the customer and the banker

The world over, Banks and Financial institutions are facing a tough economic climate. It is only natural that they are looking for ways to increase their business and without the burden of incurring costs. There is a need to be more innovative and Banks and FIs today realize that it is critical to effectively communicate with customers and deliver superior service, improve efficiency and reduce costs. In this light, maximizing the effectiveness of daily communications such as bills, statements and correspondence is becoming a top priority. This also means improving customer interactions in a consistent manner across a wide spectrum of customer touch points and media channels.

The 21st century is being annunciated as the information economy, wherein knowledge is power. The more knowledge and information banks have at their disposal, the more prepared and equipped they will be to handle the complexities and uncertainties of the economic ecosystem. So how is this unassailable knowledge extracted?

From customers of course!

The easier banks make it for customers to do business with them, the better it is, to gain an understanding of customer needs and the easier it becomes to enhance their relationship with them. The challenges that retail banks face today will not evaporate overnight. Banks will continue to face reduced marketing budgets, increased regulatory and compliance issues, ever demanding consumers and a diffident economy.

It is natural, in volatile times, for businesses to undertake serious self-introspection. The current economic gloom therefore throws up some intimidating questions:

  • With budgets shrinking, how do banks and FIs meet all their regulatory obligations for communicating with customers and still improve and grow their customer relationships?
  • How do banks capitalize on each opportunity to communicate while satisfying their customers’ needs to be acknowledged and valued?
  • How can the wide assortment of data about customers be leveraged so as to provide a personalized, compelling and consistent series of communications that benefit the customer and at the same time, grow the revenue derived from them?
  • How can banks improve the effectiveness of their communication channels and also propagate more environmentally friendly ways of communicating and fulfill their corporate social responsibility?

The questions are compelling but their answer lies in one comprehensive solution. The answer is Customer Communication Management (CCM). CCM simply means enhancing customer experience in a cost-effective manner by communicating and engaging with customers through a multitude of channels and mediums. CCM enables banks to connect with their customers by providing them with personal and immediate attention. CCM also ensures that banks have better control over their communications, provide an opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell their services while also keeping their operations profitable.


Understanding the Basics of Customer Communication Management

With an explosion in new communication channels, businesses are faced with the challenge of ensuring clarity and consistency across all customer communications. The very definition of “customer communication” has expanded manifolds to include everything from billing to direct mail marketing to e-marketing to electronic bill presentment and so on. Banks and Financial Institutions have always been the leaders in setting high standards for customer expectations by continuously enhancing customer experience. The result is that high-touch, 24/7 service across multiple channels is no more representative of customer delight but has become a basic requirement for keeping customers happy and loyal in real time.

To survive in a competitive market place it is necessary to effectively manage all customer communications. Reduced customer acquisition costs, increased client retention and maximized lifetime value of each customer are the end objectives of every communication strategy. Customer Communication Management (CCM) refers to a convergent set of Information Technology solutions that help businesses achieve these objectives by providing a tool to advance the way they communicate with their customers. CCM takes care of every aspect of customer communication – including content creation, personalization, and multi-channel distribution and archiving using a single integrated solution. Dependency on vendors/ IT experts for performing minor changes on different systems leads to escalated costs and unnecessary wastage of time. CCM tools overcome this challenge by empowering business users to create and manage customer communications, reducing the reliance on costly IT resources.

Data-rich industries such as banks process volumes of transactional documents daily. Each such document is an opportunity for revenue realization. CCM treats these transactional documents like bank statements, statement of account, invoices etc. as marketing collaterals to promote company offerings to customers.

A properly implemented CCM solution can bring significant benefits to organizations. Let’s take a look at the advantages that a CCM or Customer Communication Management solution can bring.

  1. Better execution of multi-channel campaigns ensuring consistency and clarity across all channels
  2. Automation of the creation and delivery of well-designed, highly personalized communications
  3. Easy change management by incorporating version control mechanism
  4. The ability to focus on the specific requirements of every individual customer to deliver more relevant and meaningful communications to customers
  5. Integration of intelligent enterprise data into transactional communications enabling responsive and agile marketing for better up-selling and cross-selling
  6. Better visibility and control over your communications to help your business operate profitably
  7. Reduced dependency on IT experts for performing minor changes
  8. Regulatory compliance
  9. Better up-selling and cross selling


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