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Data Capture/Entry without Operators -ICR/IWR Technology

Can you read the below text?

(A) ICR (Inteligent Charactre Recogniiton) techonlogy is the idael solutoin for msot compelx and vooluminus fomrs prossecing jobs. This esay-to-configrue data capturnig soltioun lets you extcrat biusness-critcal informtion from Forms for furhter use in extrenal Databsee Aplication, Docment Mangaement, Workfolw, Biusness Procses Menagemant, Contnet Mangaement and other Infomration Managmeent Systmes.

Normal Text:: ICR technology is the ideal solution for most complex and voluminous forms processing jobs. This easy-to-configure data capturing solution lets you extract business-critical information from Forms for further use in external Database Application, Document Management, Workflow, Business Process Management, Content Management and other Information Management Systems.

Now try this (little challenging…lets see…)

(B) It is a kownn fact that oitnizgnoaars (grvmneenot or privtae) are mivnog troawds wnikrog tohurgh srtctuerud way of dtaa reatneptrisoen, but the fact is that, in sipte of alabiilivtay of stueutrcrd forms, it is not being uesd as it was dgnesied for. A Splime ealpmxe is of hte Tlcoeem itnsdruy wrehe all Cotsmeur Aitlcoppain Fmros (CAF) are dsngeeid in srutceutrd from but no otniziaoagrn till dtae uses auamettod dtaa enottricaxy peorscs like ICR tgolohnecy for data ctuarpe.

If you can read paragraph (B) also then just imagine that in the first attempt you were able to make sense of a totally messy paragraph, and this is because the human mind does not read every letter by itself but the word as whole.

Now similar technology is being used to enhance the power of ICR technology to make it more robust and accurate, this technology is called IWR (Intelligent Word Recognition) and is breakthrough in reading not only printed handwritten information but cursive handwriting as well. ICR works on character by character but IWR works with full words or sentences.  

IWR is actually not replacement of conventional ICR but is mainly for free forms and hard to recognize data fields that are challenge to ICR technology.

You still don’t believe this? Then try to press the below mentioned numeric keys as a text message in your mobile phone with dictionary feature enabled (the same technology is used in your mobile phones also, and you already have it with you).

937 8447 47 76774253

Note: Below is the actual paragraph for those who were not able to read.

(B) It is a known fact that organizations (government or private) are moving towards working through structured way of data representation, but the fact is that, in spite of availability of structured forms, it is not being used as it was designed for. A simple example is of the Telecom industry where all Customer Application Forms (CAF) are designed in structured form but no organization till date uses automated data extraction process like ICR technology for data capture.

Name: Hemant

Web Site: http://www.newgensoft.com

Bio: Hemant is Senior Manager - Processing Services with Newgen Software Technologies Limited


VIM – A Healthy Capacity for a Vigorous Activity

The exertion of managing a large team is the same in principle as the exertion of managing a few fellows: it is merely a question of dividing up their numbers. Working with a large team of professionals under your leadership is nowise different from working with a small one (irrespective of the competency level of the professionals involved) – it is merely a question of inducting signs and signals. These signals if not reflected with the phenomenon of ‘Total Internal Reflection’, can lead to wasted efforts.

In order to make sure your team withstands every thrust of the compelling situations and stands tall, using direct and indirect modes will be a good option. In management – direct methods may be used to join in the heat; indirect methods will be required to seal success. These indirect methods start from establishing relationships, giving favors etc. and conclude by using them in the ‘project situations’. This kind of relationship, concluded on a mutual complementary yet professional hold, survives long and leaves behind trust elements.

“Indirect methods, efficiently applied are as inexhaustible as `Avogadro’s number`, unending as molecules in the air, they end but to start afresh like every season – it passes away but to return once again.”

There are in total 8 musical notes, yet the combinations of these notes give rise to a great resonance. There are only 7 colors constituting VIBGYOR, yet in combination they blossom unseen shades — yet the combination has produced world’s best discoveries and innovations. Thus, in management the combinations of these direct and indirect methods give rise to endless series of maneuvers. The direct and indirect lead to each other in turn till the task is accomplished. The possibilities of their combinations are inexhaustible in context to the success of the task. It preaches the phenomenon of “At least one door is open all the times”.

Simulated confusion postulates perfect concepts, simulated fear of being unable to complete a task postulates courage to take it on and simulated need/requirement postulates relationships.

Hiding a concept beneath the mask of confusion is simply a question of subdivision; theories increase in entropy and masking relationships with need is to be effected by tactical characters. The efficient manager looks to the effect of combined energy and does not demand too much from individuals. He takes every individual in account and uses each individual according to his abilities without the need of unnecessary pressures. He does not demand perfection from the untalented, rather gears him up. He understands the importance of keeping ‘DORKS’ in the team and use them as baits for indirect situations. He must not lose anybody. When he utilizes the mix of these combined energies, his team becomes as it were a river flowing down the mountains.

 It reminds me of using Newton’s First Law for managing a Team:

Your team will continue to remain in the state of not producing results or state of producing not so impactful outcomes, unless acted upon by a motivating maneuvering force.  For it, is the Nature.

Thus the power of the energy developed by a good fighter team is as the “p=mv” (momentum) of a flowing river through the mountains. So much on the subject of energy – “VIM”…

Name: Sumit Sahdev


Bio: Sumit is Associate Manager-Products & Solutions at Newgen Software. He has over 5 years of experience in consultancy and driving achievements of delivering projects related to Banking and Financial Services vertical with expertise in Retail & Corporate banking, Derivatives and CRM domains.


KAIZEN way of Digitization: Automated Technologies for Scanning & Content Capture

Organizations are now more concerned about greater efficiency with low cost of operations, a great composition for win-win scenario. Every organization uses paper documents in some way to run their day to day business and is also putting its best efforts to reduce paper usage without affecting its business while trying to improve the efficiency at same time.  The best method to achieve the said goal is digitization and automation of the complete business process. Automation through BPM (Business Process Management) solution and digitization through DMS (Document Management System) solutions will improve the process time drastically and eliminate the use of paper documents respectively, a win-win situation.

Basic input for any automation or digitization process is to scan the documents (to eliminate the dependency on paper documents) and capturing of contents on paper documents (to run the process based on the contents mentioned on the paper documents), but the cost of operations and wrong selection of software/ hardware results in dropping the great idea of progress through automation in about 60%-70% of the cases.

In my earlier articles like “Document Quality Analyzer: Automated Quality Checking without Operators “, “DIGITIZATION OUTPUT: Operator, Not Scanner, Defines Production”, “SaaS (Software as a Service) – Software on Subscription Based Model”, “DIGITIZATION – King Without Crown of Business Universe”, “DIGITIZATION REDEFINED – Digital Camera as Book Scanner”, “Data Capture/Entry without Operators (ICR Technology)”, we have shown the methods to bring down digitization cost, but the cost of content capture is still a cause of concern. The simple reason for this is the lack of awareness about great technologies such as ICR (for automated capturing of hand written contents), OMR (automated capturing of bubbles, check marks etc) and OCR (automated capturing of machine printed contents).

Availability of ICR technology has helped to capture content from documents for many years, but the basic requirement of this technology is, documents in structured format (fixed position of text on the documents), whereas about 90% of the documents are semi structured or unstructured, but the advancement in ICR technology has now shown the way to cater even semi/unstructured documents, now even running handwriting can also to captured by the software and saved as digital content. ICR technology is now so flexible that even floating text (if the position of text varies in every document) can also be captured and saved as structured digital content.

Now the full cycle of digitization i.e. “Scanning” and “Content Capture” is completely automated and completed with minimal expenditure, while resulting in huge improvements in efficiency of business processes. A true example of the “KAIZEN” method.

Name: Hemant

Web Site: http://www.newgensoft.com

Bio: Hemant is Senior Manager - Processing Services with Newgen Software Technologies Limited


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