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VIM – A Healthy Capacity for a Vigorous Activity

The exertion of managing a large team is the same in principle as the exertion of managing a few fellows: it is merely a question of dividing up their numbers. Working with a large team of professionals under your leadership is nowise different from working with a small one (irrespective of the competency level of the professionals involved) – it is merely a question of inducting signs and signals. These signals if not reflected with the phenomenon of ‘Total Internal Reflection’, can lead to wasted efforts.

In order to make sure your team withstands every thrust of the compelling situations and stands tall, using direct and indirect modes will be a good option. In management – direct methods may be used to join in the heat; indirect methods will be required to seal success. These indirect methods start from establishing relationships, giving favors etc. and conclude by using them in the ‘project situations’. This kind of relationship, concluded on a mutual complementary yet professional hold, survives long and leaves behind trust elements.

“Indirect methods, efficiently applied are as inexhaustible as `Avogadro’s number`, unending as molecules in the air, they end but to start afresh like every season – it passes away but to return once again.”

There are in total 8 musical notes, yet the combinations of these notes give rise to a great resonance. There are only 7 colors constituting VIBGYOR, yet in combination they blossom unseen shades — yet the combination has produced world’s best discoveries and innovations. Thus, in management the combinations of these direct and indirect methods give rise to endless series of maneuvers. The direct and indirect lead to each other in turn till the task is accomplished. The possibilities of their combinations are inexhaustible in context to the success of the task. It preaches the phenomenon of “At least one door is open all the times”.

Simulated confusion postulates perfect concepts, simulated fear of being unable to complete a task postulates courage to take it on and simulated need/requirement postulates relationships.

Hiding a concept beneath the mask of confusion is simply a question of subdivision; theories increase in entropy and masking relationships with need is to be effected by tactical characters. The efficient manager looks to the effect of combined energy and does not demand too much from individuals. He takes every individual in account and uses each individual according to his abilities without the need of unnecessary pressures. He does not demand perfection from the untalented, rather gears him up. He understands the importance of keeping ‘DORKS’ in the team and use them as baits for indirect situations. He must not lose anybody. When he utilizes the mix of these combined energies, his team becomes as it were a river flowing down the mountains.

 It reminds me of using Newton’s First Law for managing a Team:

Your team will continue to remain in the state of not producing results or state of producing not so impactful outcomes, unless acted upon by a motivating maneuvering force.  For it, is the Nature.

Thus the power of the energy developed by a good fighter team is as the “p=mv” (momentum) of a flowing river through the mountains. So much on the subject of energy – “VIM”…

Name: Sumit Sahdev


Bio: Sumit is Associate Manager-Products & Solutions at Newgen Software. He has over 5 years of experience in consultancy and driving achievements of delivering projects related to Banking and Financial Services vertical with expertise in Retail & Corporate banking, Derivatives and CRM domains.


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